A place where time stops and the rush of the day ends, to feel yourself, your breath, and listen to yourself. Our studio is located in the heart of Riga and is a place to spend time with yourself and your body, clear your mind, and restore energy, feel every muscle, and learn to listen to yourself, your breath, and your heartbeats.


At PiYo Studio in Riga, we bring together various exercise disciplines and philosophies. We combine different workout methods, such as Pilates, yoga, and functional training, to create interesting and challenging classes that strengthen both the body and mind. With us, you won't be bored! We offer individual Pilates classes and small group Pilates classes on Pilates machines, and also larger group mat classes.


Our priorities are a beautiful environment, friendliness, and openness so that each of our studio guests can fully relax and focus only on themselves. After the classes, you can enjoy a warm cup of tea and treats in our studio, as well as get to know other guests, creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere where each of you is welcomed as an interesting and new personality for new discoveries and friendships.


The health of our clients is a top priority at PIYO Studio. Our team of certified and experienced trainers provide safe and effective workouts, minimizing the risk of injury and improving long-term health. We take into consideration each individual's fitness level and overall health. Achieving a toned body, reducing pain, improved posture and well-being are just some of the health benefits our clients have experienced.
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