Created by PIYO Studio - a unique Pilates training system with extra resistance, using traditional Pilates equipment, which is used by many worlds stars (Madonna, Silvestre Stallone, etc.) as well as high-end athletes to improve their athletic performance. By exercising on Pilates equipment, you get faster results than exercising on a mat. Your body will start to work more efficiently and progress will be felt after 3 sessions.

  • Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, the risk of trauma is practically impossible;

  • Faster result - the body will become strong and the slender body lines will be achieved faster;

  • You will get a strong body center (it will allow you to work more efficiently and safely);

  • Using an individually applicable resistance, an attractive muscular relief will form;

  • The Pilates equipment provide better control of your movements, allowing better development of coordination and flexibility, thus achieving faster results;

  • Curative effect - better control and improved movement performance will help to strengthen the entire deep muscle and postural muscle system, thereby improving posture and leveling the body asymmetry as well as relieving pain and tension in the shoulders;

  • Working with resistance on Pilates equipment will increase bone density, which can help to avoid the risk of osteoporosis (very important for people with bone fragility and for elderly as bone density decreases as we age);

  • On Pilates equipment you will be able to perform exercises that you can not complete on the mat;

  • The class will be held in a small group (maximum 5 people), which will provide an individual approach to each person, following the quality of their movement technique. Therefore, the class can be attended by people with different levels of physical development, even those who have never attended such classes.





Insufficient physical activities and sedentary job conditions can be cause for many chronical illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and others. As result, our bodies and internal organs gets insufficient oxygenation because of worsen blood circulation. The most common occupational diseases of sedentary workers are carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain. Unfortunately, studies also show that for people who spend a long time in sedentary position mortality rates are higher.


A lesson is focused on building general muscular system. The lesson is based on the basic principles of healing and Pilate’s gymnastics. The exercising complex is designed for people who have to spend a lot of time sitting at computers, etc., paying particular attention to strengthening the shoulder, neck, abdominal as well as chest and back muscle development and relaxation. The exercises are performed slowly with flowing motions and breathing in order to avoid injuries that often occur during other activities. Proper breathing can change our health - richly supply the body with oxygen, increase lung volume, regulate heart rate, strengthen the circulatory system and have a positive effect on all C energy levels. Concealed muscle tension is removed at the same time.


Regular exercises stabilizes the lumbar spine and relieves tension in the back, neck and shoulders muscles. Activates metabolism, strengthens the abdominal muscles, develops mobility of the joints, coordination, flexibility and noticeably improving posture. The body grows whiter and slimmer. Correct movement stereotypes are formed. Through deep breathing, the mind will calm down, eliminating mental stress and helping to restore the energy and joy of life. Also increasing working capacity. 

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” – Joseph Pilates





PILATES INTRO is the introduction to the basics of Pilates and to the proper exercise and breathing technique. An excellent exercise for mid-day to remove tension from the neck, lower back and to regain strength and restore energy. Joseph Pilates has said - You’re only as old as your spine. The rhythm of modern daily life has a negative effect on our posture and spinal cord's health. Incorrect posture causes discomfort and pain in the back, which limits the amount of movement. 

PILATES INTRO gymnastic method is designed to smoothly strengthen and stretch the entire body, especially developing the functions of the back and abdominal muscles, which provide a good and healthy posture. Particular attention is paid to spinal mobility, moving it in all planes and literally "massaging" each of the vertebrae. As a result, the posture and blood supply to the whole body is improved with feeling of increased energy flux and over all well feeling. This method is considered an effective preventive measure for the maintenance of a healthy and flexible spine in long term. The extensive range of exercises provides appropriate physical activities for different age and gender representatives with different posture types. 

The lesson is suitable for beginners, office workers as well as mothers - recommended. For men and women who do frequent weight lifting in gym (since the Pilates method works to strengthen deep muscles).





The lesson is suitable for sedentary workers, new mothers after childbirth (not sooner than 3 months after labour), and all who want to strengthen their core (abdominal, side and back muscles). 

Pilates Exercise System was developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates in the beginning of 20th Century. The Pilates Exercise System is special and unique because it will force your body to work in a gentle way training the deep corset muscles, by focusing on the quality of movements in combination with a flowing and smooth breath. The Pilates Core exercise complex is designed so that the corset muscles are strengthened and trained evenly and balanced! 

By executing Pilates exercises on the mat, you will achieve improved core muscle control, which will result in more stable torso and pelvis. Such control is needed to prevent back injuries and reduce back and neck pain, as they occur at sedentary jobs with repetitive motions, like computer work, vehicle driving, infant carrying and feeding, upright work (hairdressers, cooks, masseurs, etc…). Control is also required for specific sports representatives to prepare their body in a comprehensive and symmetrical manner and to restore those motion stereotypes that are inactive, but are still needed and essential to achieve higher results. The Pilates Core exercise system focuses on balancing the muscles, on focused and flowing motions and on controlling the abdominal muscles in combination with controlled breath. Pilates exercise method is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself in good physical shape. This method is unique in making the body work wisely rather than hard, but still achieving effective and long lasting results. At the end of the session, will be performed stretching and relaxation of all big muscle groups.





Flowing hatha yoga is a way to get to know yoga from the very foundations. Yoga is not just the execution of one physical posture, but is also a spiritual and self-cleaning practice. HATHA Yoga teaches you to become more peaceful, stronger and more confident. Hatha Yoga is the oldest yoga  of physical postures and it was the first to unite the soul with the physical side. It is important to understand how each posture is maintained and executed correctly. Poses are carried out in a calm, gentle rhythm to avoid injuries, so everything in the lesson should be done consciously. A slow but strong and flowing transition from one posture to the other will help you feel the body from the toes to the highest point of the head.

In the introduction to the lesson, we will listen to our natural breath without any control over it, but by observing it. Such a breathing technique will help calm the mind. In the middle of the lesson - the execution of flowing physical postures (asanas). At the end of the lesson relaxation, which will release any tension.

Hatha Yoga can be visited without prior experience in yoga. The teacher will help you to apply postures according to your abilities. In the lesson, the TEACHER gives a detailed explanation of each posture technique which will teach you to sense your body deeper.

Flowing HATHA YOGA will help to calm your mind and slim your body, by shaping your muscles if exercising regularly. Such exercises improves digestion, often helps to get rid of headaches and improves concentration, also, stimulates the lymphatic system and helps get rid of insomnia problems. Eating and exercising properly will help you lose the extra pounds, feel the influx of power and energy. Will help to lose fatigue, as well as free yourself from internal emotional and physical tensions.