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    Founder and leader of PIYO STUDIO. Qualified B-category trainer with Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science. LSPA (Latvian Sorts Academy) graduate with work experience as trainer for more than 15 years. Involved in sports starting from childhood – from 3 years of age figure skating, then orienteering sports and aerobics, followed by pilates and yoga. In addition Linna has studied from direct descendants of Joseph Pilates generation students – Michael Alan KING and ALANA HERDMAN (LONDON). Yoga was taught by trainers from India School, Moscow and Norway.

    Trainer’s motto: Life is a continuous movement.


mon21jan17:30mon18:30PILATES & YOGA (VESELA MUGURA)17:30 - 18:30 Trainer: Linna Ostrovska

mon21jan19:45mon20:45PiYo CARNIKAVĀ (pilates&yoga +stiepšanās)19:45 - 20:45 Trainer: Linna Ostrovska

wed23jan12:05wed12:55OPEN FLOOR PILATES (MAZAS GRUPAS NODARBĪBA UZ PILATES TRENAŽIERIEM)12:05 - 12:55 Trainer: Linna Ostrovska

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    A graduate of the Riga Stradins University program “Health Sports Specialist”. Additionally studies program recognized by Pilates Alliance – “Lolita’s Legacy”, which is developed by J. Pilates’s personally certified student – Lolita San Miguel. Marija considers her self a great sports enthusiast, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and an advocate of the Pilates method. During her life she has turned to various sports, once seriously trained in the weight resistance training, but now found her calling at Pilates.

mon21jan17:30mon18:20OPEN FLOOR PILATES (MAZAS GRUPAS NODARBĪBA UZ PILATES TRENAŽIERIEM )17:30 - 18:20 Trainer: Marija Garbule

mon21jan19:00mon19:50OPEN FLOOR PILATES (MAZAS GRUPAS NODARBĪBA UZ PILATES TRENAŽIERIEM )19:00 - 19:50 Trainer: Marija Garbule

tue22jan12:05tue12:55PILATES INTRO (Pilates stājai un visam ķermenim)12:05 - 12:55 Trainer: Marija Garbule

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    Certified Yoga Specialist and Fitness Trainer. Has learned Yoga from teachers of various schools, including Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kshatri Yoga School Representatives. Her calling as a yoga teacher Anete discovered by giving Vinyasa Yoga / Power Yoga classes. She regularly visits weight trainings and believes that everything is based on the balance in all spheres of life.

    Trainer’s motto: Everything starts with you!


sun20jan10:30sun11:45HATHA YOGA (joga plūsmā)10:30 - 11:45 Trainer: Anete Butāne

wed23jan19:00wed20:15HATHA YOGA (joga plūsmā)19:00 - 20:15 Trainer: Anete Butāne

sun27jan10:30sun11:45HATHA YOGA (joga plūsmā)10:30 - 11:45 Trainer: Anete Butāne